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Odile provides a personal and experienced service to her clients, mostly homeowners and property investors.  A wealth of knowledge and industry contacts help her to design unique and bespoke interiors.


Graduated from Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne in Switzerland, she worked in 5* hotels in New York and Hong Kong. Her love for organising and managing social and corporate events gave her the experience to translate a client’s vision into reality, mastering the importance of details. Her organisational skills, essential in her first profession contributed to her success as an interior designer after attending the New York Institute of Art and Design.


Odile believes simplicity is the key. Earthy neutrals as a backdrop are often her first choice. To her opinion, the rich mix of antique furniture and contemporary patterns is an answer to create beautiful and comfortable interiors. She enjoys browsing antique shops and auction houses, finding vintage pieces that have a soul and a story.  Her clients come to her because they want a home filled with interesting finds, something nurturing rather than showy. Her aim is to create homes to look un-designed.


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